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How to Remove Watermark from Video?

Collecting all video watermark removal tutorials, it brings you the feasible ways to remove logo or time stamps or other video watermarks in short time.

About Video Watermark

Video watermark is a copyright symbol, like Youtube watermark protecting video from unauthorized copies. While there are times that we'd like to retouch the copyrighted ones simply by removing watermark from video. Then the rest parts can guide you and tell about how to delete watermark.

Please be alter: Never remove watermark videofor business without permissions, which don't belong to you. Also never keep these videos for your personal use without authorization. Or you will face charge of copyright infringmentsand undertake legal responsibility for it.

Glance At Three Common Ways to Remove Watermark from Video

1. Blur The Watermark

Instead of deleting watermark or logo entirely, blurring can make watermark disappear more naturally and much less obviously.

Watermark videoBlurring to remove watermark from video

2. Replace The Watermark with A New One

If the watermark conveys some messages that you don't want viewers to see, or wanting to add new logo, you can choose replacing the old watermark with a new one to remove logo from video.

To replace watermarkRemoving logo by replacing with new one

3. Crop the watermark

If the watermark is in the corner, small and tight, you can crop this area to remove video watermark. Finally, you will loss a part of the screen, but the video keeps clean and original at best.

Video watermark is in the cornerCropping logo to remove logo watermark

How to Remove Watermark from Video Step by Step

In this part, we explain how to remove watermark from video in details by applying these methods in watermark video remover:

Download address: https://www.video-watermark.com/products/video-watermark.exe

First, download and install video watermark remover - Video Watermark Pro to prepare.
Or click the button below:

Download Video Watermark Remover

Step 1, Launch Video Watermark and load your video needs to remove watermark by clicking "Add Video" to import them.

Load video into video watermark remover

Step 2, Click "Add Image". Then it will alert a new window to load image watermark. Then click "Browse">"Load Watermark" to select your new logo watermark accordingly(supporting any format, including animated GIF), then "OK" and select the watermark and click "Add".

Steps to remove logo from any video

Specifically in photo filtering:

If choosing blurring original watermark, you will need to load a blur photo in this step.

If using replacing watermark, you can just load your new watermark image or watermark logo.

Or you prefer cropping watermark, merely load a black bar to overlap original watermark.

Deleting watermark from a video

Tips:It also supports resizing new watermark to completely mask the original one.

After everything settled, click "OK".

Step 3, Click "Run" button. Lots of video output options will be alerted for your choices. In most cases, if you have no particular requirements, just use the default parameters and click "Run".

If confused, please reach to us at support@video-watermark.com for help.

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