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How to Add Words to Video?

This is a fast-paced internet world full of pressure and also crammed with advertisements. You can see online advertising everywhere like web page, software and search engineā€¦ Since Google released keywords advertising, it earns billions of dollars every year!!! Maybe you are looking for an effective and cheap way to advertise, congratulations to you, you found the way!

If you want to advertise on any web page, you need pay money for the webmasters and you do not know the results. If you want to advertise on Google Adwords, you need pay more for every click, although the adwords is good method to promote your products but the cost too high.

Add words to video is effective way to show your idea to every watchers

Did you hear about add words to video? Have you seen advertising on video? When you browsing some video sharing website and watching any video, did you seen words on the video? That is small words on corner of video, maybe it is translucent, maybe it just displayed on some time interval, but you have enough time to look at these words. If you have interested in these words you will search these words on Google or Yahoo. If the video's watcher over 1000 people, so this is successful advertising.

The better is adding words to video easy to do, just 3 steps you will finish your video advertising.

1. Create or look for some funny video.

2. Add words to these video, the words can be your product name, company slogan or any attractive words.

Tips: you will learn how to add words to video at last part of the page.

3. Upload these to YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo or other free video sharing web.

4. Check your video's visits at one week later.

Add words to video different from insert advertising clip to movie

Maybe you have worried video's visitors will dislike the words, but the worry is unnecessary, because it just small words and appear on some boring times of video, if visitors like your video they will like your words (advertising).

You have seen some advertising clip on starting of movies, that is really annoying. Because those ads take up people's time, and your ads(words) is not, so add words to video is great way for advertising, and it's free!

Firstly you need a program. Video Watermark Pro is most suitable one for ordinary users, if you are professional video editor you can also using Adobe After Effects. If not please download Video Watermark Pro at below button.

Download Video Watermark Pro

Step 1: Launch, load your original video(s) to the software and then go to text watermark settings.

Tips: Video Watermark Pro support adding watermark to video with batch mode, so you can load multi-videos at once.

load your original videos

Step 2: With this interface you will finish text settings, the words will be displayed on output video(s).

text settings

2-1: Click "Add" button to start.

2-2: Input words which you want.

2-2: Font and words effect settings.

Font settings

2-4: Drag the words to arrange.

2-5: Control the text's show time via time line editing, you can also create some animated effect for your words.

2-6: Apply all of settings and go to next step.

Step 3: Output setting - Video Watermark Pro also a video encoding and converting software, set output video parameter, format and folder here.

Click "Run" button to start output process.

Output setting

About the Software

Video Watermark is shareware the price is $34.95. You can free trial without time limit, but unregistered edition will put DEMO words on output video. So if you like this software please purchase license key. The license key will sending to your in few minutes after you purchased. Have a free trial below:

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