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How to Put Watermark on Video?

Why We Put Watermark on Video?

If you’ve always been fascinated by how well some YouTube videos or commercial videos and want to make some your own. Before you put them online, you need to authorize your own videos first. If you want to protect your video work, make it more distinguishable and even professional, you should consider adding your signature or logo. Watermarking video is fairly effective if you don't mind the text watermark/logo across the top of your videos but it can be time-consuming at the same time. So a good video watermarking software is needed to help you insert any logo and text information you need easily and quickly.

How to Put Watermark on Video?

This guide will enable you to put watermark over an existing video. This watermark can be text, image and GIF animation. It is better for you to notice that if you wish to put watermark on video, you must re-encode your video, Video Watermark Pro is an all-in-one tool for watermarking and re-encoding video, you can also change output video format with Video Watermark Pro.

Software Required:

1. Video Watermark 4.5
(Click https://www.video-watermark.com/products/video-watermark-pro.exe to download, or click button below:)

Download Video Watermark Pro

2. Image creation software

This is for creating image that you want or you can just use the materials provided by Video Watermark Pro.

Part 1 – Put Text Watermark on Video

In this part, I will show you how to put different text watermarks on video and make these different text watermarks display at different time intervals.

Step 1 Load Source Video

Download Video Watermark Pro first. Click 'Add Video' button to load video from your disc. Click 'Add Text' button to go to text watermark interface.

Launch Video Watermark Pro and Load Video to Program

Step 2 Edit Text Watermark

①Click the 'Add button' to create a text layer, all of settings base on the layer.

②Words - Input some words or symbols like © that you want

③Font Setting - Click 'Font' button to go to Font Setting interface

④Alignment - Drag your text to appropriate location in screen. Other settings (Opacity, Rotate)

Add Text Watermark to Video

Tips: you can make some effects of text by Font settings.

Step 3 Set Key Point

Key Point - Create key point to set a number of different text watermarks display at different time intervals. What’s more, you can create animation via two key points.

Create multi-layer to create multi text watermark in different time.

Click 'Ok' to go back to main interface.

Add Key Point

Step 4 Output Settings

Click 'Run' button to into output interface.

Select an output folder or keep original folder.

Select an output video format, we have most popular video formats includes AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, RM, 3GP, FLV, SWF, VCD, DVD.

Video settings - adjust video quality, video resolution, frame rate, video encoder, etc.

Audio settings - In most, you do not need make any changes.

Click 'Run' button to starting watermarking videos.

Output Settings and Start Conversion

Tip: You can click 'Background' to minimize the window to tray icon.

Part Two – Put Logo on Video

Step 1, step 3 and step 4 are almost the same as steps of putting text watermark on video. So here we just show you step 2 in details.

Step 1 Load Video to Program

Import source videos – refer to Part 1 step 1

Step 2 Add Image Watermark to Video

Click 'Add Image' button to into image watermark settings, you can put image watermark to video with this interface.

①Click 'Add' button to create an image watermark layer, you can start editing with the layer.

②Click 'Browse' button to load watermark from your disc, or select a existing image watermark, we have over 150 watermarks, also include animated watermark.

③Drag the watermark to appropriate location of video screen. And then you can adjust opacity, rotation and arrangement.

④Click 'Ok' return to main interface.

Add Image Watermark to Video

Tips: You can create many complicated watermarks with time line.

Step 3 Key Point

Key Point - refer to Part 1 step 3

Step 4 Start Conversion

Output Settings - refer to Part 1 step 4

If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us: support@video-watermark.com or learn more via online guide>>

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