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How to Add Animated GIF Watermark to Video

Why Do We Add Watermark on Videos?

With the increasing influence of social media sharing websites, original videos you share online might be used without your consent in a way that you never wanted to do. That would bother you a lot. What can you do for it? A great way to protect yourself against people passing your work as their own is to watermark videos you made. You can add your copyright information to your videos to ensure the ownership and avoid the unauthorized use.

How to Add Animated GIF Watermark on Video?

If you want to put an animated GIF watermark on your original video, just follow the steps below and then you will learn how to do it very soon.

Step 1 Launch Program and Import Source Video

Download and run Video Watermark Pro, you will come to the main interface.

Download Video Watermark Pro

①Click '+' button to load video from your disc.

②Click 'Add Image' button to into image watermark settings

Video Watermark Pro

Step 2 Edit GIF Watermark

①Click 'Add' button to create an image watermark layer. Now you can start editing image watermark with the layer.

②Click 'Browse' button to load animated GIF watermark from your disc, or select a GIF watermark provided.

③Modify other settings (opacity, rotate, animation, etc) if need.

④Click 'Ok' return to main interface.

Edit GIF Watermark

Step 3 Start Watermarking

On the main interface, click 'Run' button to into output setting interface.

①Specify output folder and output video format.

②Click 'Run' button to starting watermarking videos.


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