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Video Watermark System Requirements

How to add text watermark to video

Step 1-1: Launch the program and click '+' to import videos;
Step 1-2: Select a video clip and click 'Add Text' Button to into Text Watermark interface.

Step 2-1: Click 'Add' button to creating text watermark, after created, can see a new layer like 'NEW TEXT...' ;
Step 2-2: Text settings, includes Opacity, Ratate, Alignment, ect;
Step 2-3: Clicl 'Font' button to open font interface, you can select font, set size of text, enable shadow/stroke and make distorted text here;
Step 2-4: Click 'Ok' to finish text watermark setting and back to main interface.

Step 3: At this time, you can see the text watermark on the video, click 'RUN' button to into output setting interface.

Step 4-1: In output interface, you can set the output folder, video options, audio options, when your completed these settings, click 'Run' button to start watermarking process.